Tiger Warriors NFT Collection

A unique hand-drawn collection of 2222 Tiger Warriors representing one of the races living on Planet ZUUD. Besides giving chance to be a part of Planet ZUUD Story, it also provides Passive Income with the integration of the Move2Earn application and IDO whitelisting.

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Collection Utility

Planet Treasury

Each Tiger will have a embeded Move-To-Earn shoe that is going to provide reward with Move-To-Earn method.

New Collections

Having secured whitelist place in the upcoming NFT collections on Planet Zuud.

IDO Whitelisting

Having whitelist place chances from the IDO partnership projects.

Some planets are destined to be known!

Planet Zuud is a new world created for Tiger Warriors and future collections. Its unmerciful lands and blood-scented air have been shaping its residence characters for long. Unlike other worlds; there is no good or bad, right or wrong on it. There are only brave Warriors with almost impossible ideals and legendary wars with unforgettable moments.
Be a Warrior! Join the War!

Some stories cannot be untold!

The Story of Planet Zuud is not going to be written by the universe or destiny. Warriors’ courage, weapons and blood will shape it. Every sentence in this story will be accepted only if the dedication, determination and desire of Warriors are enough.
Be a part of The Story!

Get Your Tiger Warriors

2222 Unique NFTs


Tiger Warriors Artwork Completion


Market Listings


New Collection Artwork Completion

50% completed

Partnership with IDO Platform

coming soon

Minting Completion


Planet Treasury Move-To-Earn


New Collection Minting

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